Deep Onion

Registrations Temporarily Suspended

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Registration will be based on account.

The following rules apply:

  • One person is required to register one account, If it is discovered that multiple registered accounts belong to the same person, all accounts will be banned from the airdrop.
  • You must leave the DeepOnion promotion signature in your bitcointalk account for the duration of the airdrop promotion period. If for whatever reason the signature is removed during the period, your account will be disqualified for future distributions (even if you put it back).
  • Junior members and above are eligible to apply, Newbies are not qualified.
  • All accounts registered on after July 12, 2017 are not qualified.
  • The Dev team has the right to reject any accounts that wish to participate with or without a reason (This power will not be abused but the dev team have the final say).
  • To avoid quick dumps, all accounts receiving distributions will need to keep 90% of the coins received on the account during the whole distribution/airdrop period. Any movements greater than 10% of the airdropped coin on the account will disqualify the account from receiving more coins in future distributions. Coins received from other means such as mining, bought from exchange etc. cannot be limited and can be freely traded.
  • Whenever you transfer Onions from your balance, your remaining balance goes to a newly generated address. You will need to move this balance back to your original Airdrop applicant address. We use the block explorer(s) such as for checking your balance. You can transfer your balance using the coin control feature in the wallet and move the coins from the new change address to your airdrop address. See the tutorial:
  • If a user's balance is found to be 0 Onions on any day, we will suspend your BitcointalkID from future airdrops permanently.
  • To receive the airdrop, your bitcointalk account must be an active account, and is required to post at least 10 valid posts per week with more than 50 characters in each post. Links and quotes are not counted as post content.
  • If you miss one week posting over 10 valid posts you will be excluded from only that week's distribution. If you don't follow the 10 post rule for a cumulative 3 weeks, then you will be excluded from future distribution permanently.
  • DO NOT Copy paste or create posts that can create trouble for people. Your posts should be productive, helpful and unique.
  • You can post anywhere in the bitcointalk forum you wish! We have no rule or restrictions on this.
  • Valid period is 14 Jul 2017 5:00 to 21 Jul 2017 05:00 (24 Hours) for counting posts and the next round will start counting from 21 Jul 2017 05:00 to 28 Jul 2017 05:00 and so on.
  • Payments start after completing the valid posts checking about 09:30 UTC the same day.
  • Application to the Airdrop must be at least 1 day before, otherwise we may skip you for that round. Rank updates must also be calculated 1 day before to be included.
  • If you carry an ONION wallet address different than what you applied with in your profile area, we will accept the one which is confirmed with us. Do not change from your profile the ONION wallet used at application. If you have, you must reapply from this URL: with the new wallet fast otherwise we may skip you.
  • Please follow these steps when applying for the airdrop:

    1) You should have a valid bitcointalk forums userid.
    (to know your user id: first click this link
    Then, click on Forum Profile Information It opens the following URL in the browsers address bar;u=321080;sa=forumProfile
    Your profile id is a number comes between u= and ;sa=forumProfile
    In the example above my profile id was 321080 and yours will be represented by another number.
    2) You should have a valid ONION wallet address (Just download the wallet and copy an ONION address from the wallets Receive coins menu).
    3) You should edit your profile Bitcoin address section and update it with your ONION wallet address (Dmgw63vNrbx6WdBPCE95SXoejjFRQEZJkV) To edit, first click then click Forum Profile Information at left menu. See Bitcoin address section and update with your ONION wallet address.
    4) You should update your signature to your membership level.
    5) Apply, and if the application is still not valid after doing 1-2-3-4 steps above just try again a few minutes later. Sometimes we may be unable to reach your wallet due to too many requests coming in at the same time.
    Remember, we do not accept new members' registration on bitcointalk forum after 12 JUL. 2017

    Simply put, those intending to open new accounts to register for our Airdrop will be denied and accounts opened 13th or 14th July 2017 will be rejected. This is an attempt to prevent abusers within the community. For example, if you registered on 11th of July on the forum, reach the level of junior member in the following days, you are then perfectly OK to apply again. As soon as you reach the level of junior member, you can register for Airdrops. We will have 40 rounds total, once every week.