Guard your privacy. Protect yourself from network surveillance and hackers. Freely airdropped/distributed! NO ICO/Crowdfunding!

Deep Onion Deep Onion is a hybrid cryptocurrency that uses proof of stake (PoS) and the X13 proof of work (PoW) algorithm. It is natively integrated with the TOR network and ALL connections are made over the TOR network.

We increase the level of privacy for our crypto users to reduce the likelihood of being hacked or attacked by other legal & illegal entities. With DeepOnion, you can send and receive onions (ONION) over the TOR network. Click here to learn more...

Security will be further enhanced by our new DeepSend technologies, to be announced and implemented later.

Your Anonymity is guaranteed!

DeepOnion dev team is composed of industrial, social media, SEM experts and top level block-chain developers.

More advanced features will be added to the coin, and the dev team is committed to long term support.

The best part is that we DO NOT do ICOs or crowdfunding. 90% of total coins are premined at genesis block. The remaining 10% will be mineable by the public. Most premined coins will be freely airdropped to the community through many rounds of airdrops (detailed herein). Certain conditional requirements apply, please read on for details.

Genesis block, premined coins, breakdown; 70% will be air-dropped to the community, while 20% will be used for bounties, rewards and other promotions. Remaining 10% will belong to the dev team.

Deep Onion Website:

Coin Specifications

- PoW/PoS.
- X13 algorithm for PoW.
- 5 block transaction confirmations.
- 50 minted block confirmations.
- Total coins will be around 25 million after 10 years.
- There will be around 20 million coins produced by PoW of which 18 million ONIONs (90%) is premined at genesis block. The majority of these will be distributed FREELY to the community.
- About 2 million ONIONs will be mineable by the public.


- 240 sec block target.
- diff retarget each block.
- Initial payout will be 8 ONIONs per block.
- PoW payout will be halved each year (365 days).


- 60 sec block target.
- diff retarget each block.
- PoS interest will be variable per year

  • 1st year: 10%
  • 2nd year: 5%
  • 3rd and subsequent years: 1%

- minimum holding time before the PoS will be generated 1 day.
- maximum allowed accumulated coin is 30 days.

Why PoS interests?

PoS provides proven long term economic development and stability. It encourages users to expand the network, thus making transaction times instant. This means that you can send and receive money much faster than Bitcoin.

Six Reasons You Should Use Deep-Onion

Totally Anonymous: Your original IP will not be shown to the network because Deep Onion operates over TOR. Your new "ip" will be something like this: "a5ke53qniu5xqofq.onion"

Invincible Payment: With the use of hidden addresses, Deep Onion payments are totally invincible and cannot be traced by anybody or agency. Our incoming DeepSend feature will further enhance the anonymity of the coin.

Continous Enhancement: Dev team will release new features with better usability and security. See road-map for details.

Speedy Confirmation: Deep onion's confirmation time is fast. This means that you can send and transfer money very fast unlike the slow ways of Bitcoin.

Encrypted End-to-end Message: You can send secured messages to other users of DeepOnion.

Helping the TOR Network: By operating DeepOnion, you help to increase the number of nodes on the TOR network, and in so doing, you help people all over the world stay anonymous online.

Bounties !

Let's grow together and create a success story! Be part of our success story. We are giving out DeepOnion bounties and rewards to those who help the coin and community.

Follow Bounties

Use the link below to learn ACTIVE state bounties from community central

>>> DeepOnion Bounty Central >>>

Any beautiful bounty idea?

Contact us [email protected]

Free Airdrop – How to Participate

To receive free airdrop of DeepOnion, kindly do the following
1) Update signature with that fits your membership level
2) Apply at
After you have applied, you can check your status at:
Registration will be based on account. The following rules apply:

  • One person can register using one account, if it is found that multiple accounts belong to the same person are registered, all these accounts will be banned from airdrop.
  • You must put the DeepOnion promotion signature in your bitcointalk account, all the time during the airdrop promotion period. If for whatever reasons the signature removed during the period, that user account will be disqualified for future distributions (even you put them back).
  • Junior member and above are eligible for applying, newbie is not qualified.
  • All accounts registered after July 12, 2017 is not qualified.
  • Dev team has the rights to reject any accounts to participate with or without a reason (of course dev team will not abuse the right, but dev team has the final say on it)
  • To avoid quick dumps, all accounts receiving distributions will need to keep 90% of the coins received on the account, during the whole distribution/airdrop period. Any move results greater than 10% of the airdropped coin on the account will disqualify the account from receiving more coins in the future distributions. Coins received from other means such as mining, bought from exchange etc are not limited and can be freely traded.
  • Whenever you transfer Onions from your balance, your remaining balance goes to a newly generated address. You will need to move this balance back to your original Airdrop applicant address. We use the block explorer(s) such as for checking your balance. You can transfer your balance using the coin control feature in the wallet and move the coins from the new change address to your airdrop address. See the tutorial:
  • To receive airdrop, bitcointalk account must be active account, and is required to post at least 10 valid posts per week with more than 100 chracters in each post. Links and quotes are not counted as post content.
  • You can post anywhere in bitcointalk you wish! We have no rule or restrictions on this.
  • If your membership status increases from jr to member etc. you will be paid according to new member status in the following rounds
  • To receive airdrop, bitcointalk account must be active account, and is required to post at least 10 valid posts per week with more than 50 characters in each post. Links and quotes are not counted as post content
  • If you miss one week posting over 10 valid posts you will be excluded from only that week's distribution. if you don't follow the 10 post rule for a cumulative 3 weeks, then you will be excluded from future distribution permanently.
  • Valid period is 14 Jul 2017 5:00 to 21 Jul 2017 05:00 for counting posts and next round we will start counting from 21 Jul 2017 05:00 to 28 Jul 2017 05:00 to 4 Aug 2017 and so on.
  • DO NOT Copy paste or create posts that can create trouble for people. Your posts should be productive and helpful and unique.
  • Low quality posters, 1 liners, burst poster, suspected stolen accounts, wake up from long sleep accounts banned from airdrops.
  • Application to the Airdrop have to be at least 1 day before otherwise we may skip you for that round. And also rank updates have to be 1 day before to be included.
  • Payments start after completing the valid posts checking about 09:30 UTC the same day.
  • If you carry an ONION wallet address different than what you applied with in your profile area, we will accept the one which is confirmed with us. Do not change from your profile the ONION wallet used at application and if you have to you must reapply from this URL: with new wallet fast otherwise we may skip you.

For now, we plan to have 40 rounds of free distribution/airdrop. Each week will have one round. The distribution rate is computed as follows: (rates may change)
Airdrop Amount = (Total coins to be distributed) * factor / sum(factor * number_of_member_type)

The factor is based on the member type, and is in the following table:

Member Type Factor
Junior member 0.8
Member 0.9
Full Member 1.0
Sr Member 1.1
Hero Member 1.2
Legendary Member (activity +960) 1.3

For example, in 17th round airdrop, a total of 300,000 ONIONs will be distributed. If there are 80 jr, 100 member, 40 full mem, 70 sr mem, 50 hero, 20 legends, and you are a senior member, then you will get: 300000*1.1/(80*0.8 + 100*0.9 + 40*1 + 70*1.1 + 50*1.2 + 20*1.3) = 940 ONIONs

Basically this this example, there are 70 senior members, each will receive 940 ONIONs Jr members, each will receive 300000*0.8/(80*0.8 + 100*0.9 + 40*1 + 70*1.1 + 50*1.2 + 20*1.3) = 684 ONIONs

Member will each receive 300000*0.9/(80*0.8 + 100*0.9 + 40*1 + 70*1.1 + 50*1.2 + 20*1.3) = 769 ONIONs

The following table shows the distribution plan (total 12.5 millions ONIONs will be distributed freely)

Round Number Total Coins to be Distributed in this Round (ONIONs)
1 150,000
2 150,000
3 150,000 + 150.000 (+150.000 Bonus payment from dev team)
4 150,000 + 150.000 (Double pay by system error)
5 150,000 (- 50.000 smooth fix)
6 150,000 (- 50.000 smooth fix)
7 150,000 (- 50.000 smooth fix)
8 200,000
9 200,000
10 200,000
11 250,000
12 250,000
13 250,000
14 250,000
15 250,000
16 250,000
17 300,000
18 300,000
19 300,000
20 300,000
21 300,000
22 300,000
23 350,000
24 350,000
25 350,000
26 350,000
27 350,000
28 350,000
29 400,000
30 400,000
31 400,000
32 400,000
33 450,000
34 450,000
35 450,000
36 450,000
37 450,000
38 450,000
39 500,000
40 500,000
Total: 12,500,000

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, but it has a number of upgrades and enhancements like the full integration with the TOR network, hidden sending technology and total invisibilityetc.

25 million or 25'000'000 ONION in about 10 years

We want our project to be a success. The success of the coin is tightly linked to the commitment of the development team and community.
Instead of taking an ICO, where the dev team would be basically risk-free and it would disconnect us from the Community , we want to be on the same boat as the community, as anyone who hold the coin, and to develop the coin together with the community.
Our goal is to see our cryptocoin being adopted by as many people and business as possible.

Please check the roadmap for the future development plan. The dev team is fully committed for the success of deeponion. We also need support from the community. Please send us suggestions.
We appreciate your help, if you are interested in developing code with us, please contact us. Together we will make this a great coin!

Dev team is composed of 4 professionals in software development, SEM marketing, big-data and cloud computing, branding, / marketing, and blockchain expert. These core team members are each dedicated and expert in their fields.

Yes, it is, you can see that on your official Github repository.

No. DeepOnion has the majority of the coins in PoS thus making it more resistant. Mining centralization will be less appealing as a 51 percent attack will be extremely difficult.

TOR stands for The Onion Router. It is a non-centralized open source network that allows people all over the world to make use of the internet as an unknown user. It achieved this by directing IP address information to different nodes on the network. It helps users guard against traffic analysis, a kind of network monitor that does not give room for user privacy, regarding business activities, national security, relationships,etc.

No. We are supporters of the project, but we are not officially affiliated with them.

On the right bottom bar of the QT client, you see a TOR indicator, when it turns green, you joined the TOR network with a typical TOR address. Put the mouse on the TOR icon you will see the TOR address displayed (see picture below).
You can also check your IP address bygoing to Help->Debug Window, Click on “Console”, then type “getinfo” , you’ll see your IP address (see below diagrams).
When showing the Tor Network IP
Help->Debug Window, Click on Console, then type getinfo
You can also check other IP addresses connected to your Wallet Help->Debug Window, Click on “Console”, then type “getpeerinfo”.
Help->Debug Window, Click on Console, then type getpeerinfo
As you can see you are one of either local or Tor network IP your IP never published anywhere. People see sometimes small Tor button on and off. When it is off it means your IP is or (local) in peer network. No one will ever know your IP. Always safe whether it is an onion address or as your IP will never be revealed. It is not real off, it may just change the onion address you are always on the tor network. It is the only one we connect. Some people's network not very stable, so onion address is on and off. Usually it occurs at the time where the onion address changes or at the beginning of connection.

Road MAP

  • 2017 JUL DeepOnion Pre-Announcement (completed)
  • 2017 JUL DeepOnion Formally Launched, Airdrop details published
  • 2017 JUL DeepOnion Blockchain Starts, Mining Starts
  • 2017 JUL Website Launch (
  • 2017 JUL Signature Promotion Applications Ready - People can sign up for free ONION airdrops
  • 2017 JUL Announce DeepOnion Bounty Programs (Translation, Twitter, etc)
  • 2017 JUL Signature Campaign Start, First Airdrop Starts - 12.5 Millions ONIONs will be distributed freely in about 40 airdrops/distributions
  • 2017 JUL DeepOnion Forum Launches
  • 2017 Q3 DeepOnion Trades at Exchanges
  • 2017 Q3 Twitter Campaign Starts
  • 2017 Q3 Facebook Campaign Starts
  • 2017 Q3 Introductory Youtube Video Campaign Starts
  • 2017 Q3 Release Paper Wallet and Brain Wallet
  • 2017 Q4 Launch of DeepSend - our next level in blockchain anonymity in crypto world
  • 2017 Q4 Video Bounty Campaign starts some basic samples from DeepOnion wallet usage with DeepSend features
  • 2017 Q4 Our SEM experts starts showing ads (new videos and content) to people both new and experts at full speed! (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Yandex Ads, Criteo Ads)
  • 2018 Q1 DeepOnion Vote Central Establishment (verified wallets owner), which allows onion holders to vote for next action at the same time to bring new projects to the table for future.
  • 2018 Q1 Hiring a public Hero for more videos and marketing
  • 2018 Q1 Launch Mobile Device Wallets (iOS, Andriod)
  • 2018 Q1 Add feature allowing user to securely put any data into the DeepOnion blockchain
  • 2018 Q2 Main Stream Media Actions
  • 2018 Q2 Supporting Smart contract
  • 2018 Q2 Importing modern features and future advancement our blockchain technology
  • 2018 Q2 Free airdrop/distribution completes, all 12.5 million coins will be freely distributed.
  • 2018 Q2 More Exchanges trade-able for ONIONs
  • 2018 Q2 More Shopping Sites accepting ONIONs
  • 2018 Q2 ONION accepted Games
  • 2018 Q3 and beyond – will be defined, community will take the lead, community will define new features and directions